Housing Related Surveys:

Johannesburg Housing Company Customer Service Survey

Progressus has conducted an annual customer service survey on tenants living in the Johannesburg Housing buildings.  The annual survey 2004 to 2012 launches a detailed investigation into tenants’ perceptions of all aspects of the landlord’s services.  It furthermore provides a demographic profile of the tenants and occupants in the buildings. The annual survey assists the JHC to manage their buildings effectively and receive feedback on the performance of the various departments through the eyes of the tenants.

Client:Johannesburg Housing Company


Eskom Housing Survey

Progressus conducted a survey for Eskom to establish a demographic and housing profile of their employees within the Bargaining unit. 2100 employees were surveyed nationally. The data was used by Shisaka DMS to develop a housing policy for Eskom.   The client was Eskom and Progressus worked within the Shisaka Development Management Services team.

Client:Shisaka DMS for Eskom


ACSA housing survey

Progressus conducted a survey for ACSA to establish their employees’ demographic and housing profile.  460 employees were sampled from all airports nationally. The data was used by Shisaka DMS to develop a housing policy for ACSA. 

Client:Shisaka DMS for Eskom


Freegold Housing Survey

A housing survey was done for the Joint Housing Forum of Freegold Mines. The project was done in conjunction with Dr. Paul Hendler of Housing Solutions.  Progressus was responsible for the entire survey, data capturing as well as participating in the data analysis.

Client:   Housing Solutions, Freegold


Gengold Housing Survey

A housing survey was conducted for the Gengold Joint Housing Forum.  The study included training of employees, in a capacity building exercise, as interviewers and a pilot study.  Progressus then managed the entire data-gathering phase, captured the data and participated in the analysis of the data. Progressus were also involved in training and capacity building exercises with the Gengold Joint Housing Forum. This involvement included designing the content and structure of the training as well as, presentation to the Forum.

Clients: Housing Solutions & Gengold Joint Housing Forum


Informal Land Markets and urban Migration: Urban Land Mark

A study was conducted in two informal settlements in Kwa Zulu Natal Durban to investigate the interaction between access to land markets and the nature of the migration process. The objective of this project was to interrogate the nature of migration in contemporary South Africa. We looked at why individuals rather than families migrate, whether and why migrants retain membership in, and ties with, their household of origin, and under what conditions temporary migration is the precursor to more permanent migration.  With a focus on access to land markets, we explored how migrants transact in urban land markets, and whether the ability to transact successfully in particular land markets influenced whether individuals or families migrate, and whether migration is permanent or remains temporary.

Clients:  Dr Colin Marx, Prof Dori Posel for Urban LandMark


ICHUT Housing Survey 

A survey was conducted for the client (The Inner City Housing Upgrading Trust) in the inner city suburbs of Johannesburg.  1800 interviews were conducted door to door. Progressus was responsible for the management and training of all fieldworkers as well as managing the data gathering and data capturing.

Clients: Centre for Policy Studies & ICHUT


Katorus Special Presidential Housing Project 

A survey was conducted for the Special Presidential Project in Katorus.  The focus of the study was rental housing, concentrating on backyard shacks and formal backyard rooms in Vosloorus, Katlehong and Thokoza.  The study included qualitative and quantitative phases.  During the qualitative phase focus groups discussions were held and analysed and during the quantitative phase approximately 1300 door-to-door interviews were conducted with landlords and tenants in all three areas.

Clients: Mike Oelofse Consultancy & The Special Presidential Project


Tenant Management Investigation in Johannesburg Inner City

Progressus has been appointed by ICHUT in collaboration with Ros Gordon, Kecia Rust & Marion Stewart to conduct a qualitative study for the Tenant Management Investigation - commissioned by ICHUT, Gauteng Department of Housing & Land Affairs & Social Housing Foundation.  Focus groups were conducted with tenants and tenant structures, in the inner city.

Client: ICHUT


Johannesburg Inner City Survey

A household survey was conducted with residents from the inner city of Johannesburg to assess their building and living conditions and experiences of living in the inner city.  The sample included 1508 respondents randomly sampled across Joburg inner city.  The survey compared JHC tenants with other tenants.

Client: Johannesburg Housing Company


Establishment of Institutional Housing Management Capacity for Social Housing in Alexandra

Progressus worked with a team of consultants and was responsible for a social survey of 400 households in 2 social housing projects in Alexandra.  Progressusdeveloped the research instrument, recruited and trained the fieldworkers, managed the data gathering and wrote a comprehensive report on the findings.  In addition, focus groups were also conducted to add an in-depth understanding to the findings.

Client: Gauteng Department of Housing


How the poor access, hold and trade land: Urban Landmark Study

Progressus in association with Isandla conducted a study in 3 metropolitan areas in South Africa to assess how the poor access, hold and trade land.  The study consisted of in-depth interviews, as well as a survey of 9 areas in the 3 metros. 

Client: Urban Landmark


Urban LandMark Programme: Land Biographies

Urban LandMark commissioned an in-depth narrative-style investigation of specific precincts in selected settlements in order to contribute an historical perspective on urban land in the land management system to its growing body of research. The project purpose was to develop three land biographies in order to make an additional contribution to Urban LandMark’s growing empirical base regarding urban land access by the poor. This contribution offered a perspective which narrates the passage of land through the urban land management system.  Progressus worked with Colin Marx and Margot Rubin, and conducted the empirical research for the project.

Client: Urban Landmark


Cost Benefit Analysis:  RDP housing vs. Social Housing

Progressus conducted a survey for Rhizome Management to inform them on the situation in RDP housing as well as Social Housing projects to feed into a project they were conducting for The Social Housing Foundation on the cost benefit of RDP housing versus Social Housing.  The survey was conducted in 6 areas within 3 provinces of South Africa namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape. 3 RDP and 3 Social Housing projects were visited.

Client: Rhizome Management (Andreas Bertoldi)


Informal Rental Development Survey

Progressus conducted a survey for NURCHA and the Housing Finance Resource Programme to investigate the potential to develop the small-scale backyard rental landlord.  Focus groups were conducted in 3 township areas in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal and was followed by a survey of the targeted areas.

Client: NURCHA (Jill Strelitz; David Gardner), HFRP (Mike Oelofse)


Township Residential Property Market survey

Progressus did a survey of township residential property markets.  This survey was commissioned and funded by FinMark Trust, Ford Foundation, Micro Finance Regulatory Council / USAID, South African National Treasury and the National Housing Finance Corporation.  Shisaka managed the project.  Progressus was responsible for the questionnaire development, recruitment and training of the fieldworkers, and the data gathering, data capture, and reporting of the data to the project team.  

Client: Finmark Trust (Project managed by Shisaka Mathew Nell)


Housing Entrepreneurs Survey

Progressus did a survey of small-scale landlords and entrepreneurs in 3 inner city areas (Hillbrow/Berea and Tshwane Central/Sunnyside) as well as 3 township areas (Orlando East, Katlehong and Stanza Bopaphe, Mamelodi).  The survey identified the entrepreneurial strategies followed by small-scale landlords and entrepreneurs as well as the role of the house in their business. Surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups were conducted   

Client: FinMark Trust (Project managed by Shisaka), Mathew Nell


Sectional Title Pilot Project

Progressus did a survey of occupants in identified Sectional Title Buildings in Hillbrow to establish the current status of the buildings and units, as well as payment history, perceptions of the city and the building, and future plans.  The study was conducted with the Shisaka consortium for the City of Johannesburg.

Client: City of Johannesburg (Lee Pernegger), Mathew Nell (Shisaka)